These courses are designed for professionals working in the behavioral health. 

Virtual Addiction

This seven-part training video will serve as an introduction to why the Internet modality is inherently addictive and how this synergy between stimulating content and the Internet delivery mechanism fosters compulsive use of video games, Smartphones, social media, pornography and Internet screen technologies. Treatment implications and clinical issues are presented.

Lets Talk Counseling Telebehavioral Health

Course Description

This course will provide a brief overview of telebehavioral health uses and considerations for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) providers. Participants will be provided hands on instruction on a low cost , easy to use HIPAA compliant delivery platform capable of  increasing client access, engagement and retention. 

After engaging in discussion boards and activities each participant will be provided a Lets Talk Counseling  platform. Participants will utilize the Lets Talk Counseling  platform in simulated practice settings with fellow students.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will identify thru discussion telebehavioral health considerations for delivery of SUD services.
  • Participants will demonstrate competency to successfully schedule appointments.
  • Participants will demonstrate competency to successfully process patient consent e-document.
  • Participants will demonstrate competency to successfully deliver individual counseling session.
  • Participants will demonstrate competency to successfully export SOAP notes to EHR/Billing.

CAAPE- 5 Assessment

The CAAPE-5 is a structured diagnostic interview to cover substance use disorders and common co-occurring mental health issues based on the DSM-5.