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Mindshield™ For BrainBurn™

Learn to master your stress response with this 3 hours training and develop the ability to use the tools when you need them.  This training:

    • Review the brain anatomy, how the stress response is activated, and the difference between the limbic system and the executive function.
    • Discover and practice the tools of the Mind-Body Bridging Tool Box.
    • Get to practice MindShield Mapping Process.
    • Learn communication building mastery skills.

For each module, you have a short multiple-choice quiz and reflection questions to complete.  The reflection questions need to be completed in the Community-forum section.

Mindshield Peer to Peer Training

Go beyond mastering your stress response with this 7 hours training and teach Mindshield as a peer, develop your leadership skills and enhance team cohesion.

In this training:

In addition to MindShield for BrainBurn training, become an expert at MindShield and help your peers navigate the Mind Body Bridging Tool box and the art of mapping.

Mindshield Clinical Training

This 16 hours training offers mental health professionals a training to master MindShield as an adjunct modality - not only as a tool to help clients overcome stress, burnout & trauma  - but also as a skillset to support your practice and protect from compassion fatigue.

In this training:

  • Understand the nervous system and how the stress response can be disactivated by MindShield tools.
  • Develop the use of this experiential clinical modality and enhance your clinical presence in the session. 
  • Discover and practice Mind Body Bridging, Motivational Interviewing and Gottman skills set.
  • Learn how to reduce and alleviate the impact of grief, loss and occupational burnout in clinical practice.

MindShield Clinical Training provides 16 CEU’s.